Give Your Face a Youthful Lift with a Brow Lift

Face it, aging can be very stressful and its damaging effects will be written all over your face. The passing years and pressures of life leave their mark on your appearance. A sagging brow, forehead furrows, facial wrinkles, droopy skin, heavy eyelids and deep expression lines give you a tired, angry appearance that makes you look years beyond your age. But you don’t have to live with these lines. When it comes to rejuvenating your appearance in a natural-looking way, it’s often best to start at the top. This is why so many people are lifting away the signs of aging to reveal a more youthful, refreshed appearance with a simple procedure known as a brow lift.

What is a Brow Lift?

You’re well-rested, but people say that you look tired. You’re happy, but others think that you’re angry or sad. And your reflection in the mirror looks years older than your age. If you’ve been having these experiences, a brow lift can be just what the doctor ordered for a younger, well-rested look.

A brow lift is a sought-after surgical procedure that does just what its name suggests by raising and reshaping your brow to smooth away wrinkles, erase facial creases, open up your eyes and refresh a tired face. A brow lift can significantly improve the appearance of your brow, as well as your forehead and the area around your eyes, to make you look younger, friendlier, vivacious and more alert. As a result, a brow lift has become a popular anti-aging answer to rejuvenate your appearance in a natural-looking way.

To further enhance the results of a brow lift, you may choose to complement the surgery with other refreshing facial procedures, such as a face-lift or eyelid surgery. But be assured that a brow lift can be performed on its own with age-defying results.

The Beauty of a Brow Lift

Few people realize that your forehead and eye brows play such important roles in expressing your youthfulness, well-being and beauty. No one wants to look old, weary or angry, especially if those impressions don’t reflect your true age and feelings. But a brow lift can greatly improve your overall appearance by erasing the signs of time. A brow lift can bring you a world of aesthetic benefits, including all of the following:

  • Look younger, refreshed and rested
  • Open up your eyes to appear more youthful and alert
  • Smooth away wrinkles, facial creases and crow’s feet
  • Diminish furrows on your forehead
  • Decrease expression lines between your eyebrows
  • Erase frown lines on your face
  • Improve your skin’s elasticity
  • Correct vision problems caused by droopy eye lids
  • Restore your natural eye brow curve
  • Improve your overall facial appearance
  • Brighten your complexion
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Enhance the way you see yourself

Two Ways to a Brow that Wows

A brow lift is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. It must be thoughtfully customized to enhance your unique facial features and deliver the most natural-looking results. There are two main types of brow lifts. The one that you receive will be based on your particular signs of aging and your personal expectations. After a private consultation about your health, history and surgical expectations, Dr. Gallo will carefully evaluate your forehead, brows and upper eyelids to recommend which of the following procedures is best for you.


Widely known as a “mini brow lift,” this has become the procedure of choice for many people because it only calls for several small, hidden incisions to access the underlying tissues and results in a naturally younger look. This procedure is aided by an endoscope, which is a long, thin instrument with a tiny camera toward the end that allows for a clear view of the entire treatment area without the need for a large incision. After using the endoscope as a guide to lift and smooth your brow, Dr. Gallo will close the small incisions securely. With this less-invasive procedure, any tiny scars are virtually undetectable.


As another minimally-invasive procedure that also elevates the brow, the main differences between a browpexy and an endoscopic brow lift are the location of the incision and the subtlety of the results. This procedure involves a small incision near the eyelid that allows Dr. Gallo to lift a portion of the eye brow just enough to open up the eye for a fresher, more youthful look. A browpexy is ideal for many people, especially if you only need a minimal brow lift, simply want to stabilize your brow to prevent future sagging, or prefer extremely subtle results that don’t dramatically change your appearance. This option is often combined with an upper lid blepharoplasty because it uses the same incision. This allows for a more complete and harmonious rejuvenation of the upper third of the face.

The Road to Recovery

While the two brow lift procedures may slightly differ in their techniques and results, the recovery process is very similar. You can expect some swelling or bruising immediately after the surgery, but these will diminish in the first two weeks. While you will need a full two weeks to recuperate, the incisions take about 10 days to heal and you can return to your daily activities at around the same time. During your recovery, keep physical activity to a minimum and avoid long periods exposed to the sun for at least two months to ensure the best results.

Lift Away the Signs of Aging with an Expert

Subtlety, artistry and skill are essential traits in a plastic surgeon performing any facial procedure, but these qualities are especially important when you’re considering a brow lift. You want the results to appear nuanced and natural, so you continue to look like you—only younger, fresher and better. With decades of experience, Dr. Gallo is a master of aesthetic nuance and refined facial rejuvenation. He is renowned for enhancing your natural beauty, while preserving your distinctiveness, to help you proudly face the world looking and feeling your best.

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